150,000 people flock to 45th Dinagsa Festival

Around 150,000 people have flocked during the world-famous 45th Dinagsa Festival last January 27.


Based on high-definition drone camera filming shots, Maj. Robert Reyes Mansueto, OIC Chief of Cadiz PNP, has estimated that about 150,000 individuals have surged across the city’s major strees to revel the street dance competition and the popular “Lamhitanay’ or body paint smudge.


The festival also highlighted the all-night-long street parties that featured renowned local and national DJ’s.


Despite of an influx of both local and international tourists, the celebration was peaceful and orderly, said Major Mansueto.


“No major crimes have ever been recorded, except of three minor cases on bottle breakage’, Mansueto added.


Cadiz City observed its 45th Dinagsa Festival last January 19-27./*

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