February 1, 2023

Cadiz City unifies art enthusiasts in 2nd District

By: Rian Niño C. Trinidad

CADIZ CITY – Cadiz City Government launched its first CASAMA 2nd District Art Competition, unifying art enthusiasts of the city and its co-district localities, Sagay City and Manapla, as part of the Dinagsa Festival 2022 celebration held last February 12, 2022 at the Cadiz Arena.                              

City Mayor Salvador G. Escalante Jr., an art enthusiast himself, said competition is open to all residents of 2nd district whose ages are 18 years old and above, either professional or non-professional who has a passion for art through painting.

The art competition, with the theme “Karaan nga Kalingawan sang mga Pamatan-on”, aims to showcase talented artists of the district in the field of painting, highlighting the importance of craftmanship and passion, either as their hobby or profession.

The board of judges were Antonio D. Tejado, Ph.D. TM; Tristam Miravalles; Guenivere Decena; and, Roedil Joe Geraldo./*

Winners are as follows:

Major Prizes

1ST Place- ₱40,000: Entry No. 104- Korah Daybe C. Ulila
2ND Place- ₱30,000: Entry No. 50- Gerom Bo-oc
3rd Place- ₱25,000: Entry No. 24- Zarex B. Onatin
4th Place- ₱20,000: Entry No. 62- Anselmo Pesa Jr.
5th Place- ₱15,000: Entry No. 05- Jose Angelo Jumarito

Five Finalists – ₱10,000 each & Certificate

1. Entry No. 03– Michael R. Balquen
2. Entry No. 16– Arvin R. Hervias
3. Entry No. 37– Santiago Onatin
4. Entry No. 69–Mark Labrador
5. Entry No. 84 –Rusty Quiatchon

Top 10 Mayor’s Choice Awards

1. Entry No. 14 –Nestor Angelo Dequiña
2. Entry No. 19 –Leo D. Carton
3. Entry No. 21 –Joven C. Dionaldo
4. Entry No. 32 –Richard S. Hulleza
5. Entry No. 40 –Christiany Joy S. Lazaro
6. Entry No. 58 –Earl Von Salcedo
7. Entry No. 60 –Freddie R. Aguilar
8. Entry No. 64 –Kennette A. Luage
9. Entry No. 82 –Jo-Ryan Brodit
10. Entry No. 83 –Jojo Hidalgo

Photo: Bilis Cadiz, Ugyon Cadiznon page

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