February 1, 2023

Public Service Tourism: A Neologism

The TALKS: By: Erwin R. Mabugat

Traditionally, politics dominates social media or coffee-break discussions. It is the most popular topic. But this time, this column ponders on public service, tourism, inventions, and language development rather than politics.

As this extends fidelity to the form, The Talk highlights a neologism. It is about a glorious language discovery stressing public service and tourism that requires a platform for the declaration.

When the Local Government Unit improves its public service delivery, constituents and stakeholders who avail of the innovations, advancement, and collaboration back the administration. Unsurprisingly, they admire the mayor, officials, and employees who reshape the very idea of what exists as snoring leadership and governance.

Framed in terms of inclusion, this LGU develops systems that promote lawful, diligent and efficient processes enacted by both officials and employees to attend to the multicultural people’s health, socio-economic, and cultural needs. They are the English language proficient or local dialect polite workers who perform their functions and duties as public servants.

Imagine how effective the government services are. The people, officials, and employees working together would cause social mobility and community at varying scales. This results in a peaceful, progressive society. It is a family.

That LGU is a model system. It creates and develops a brand-new good practice and promotes good governance’s high efficacy. Acknowledged LGU’s success story, the other LGUs across the country now visit and discern how it runs its government and serves the people. It is benchmarking. Well-improved public service is tourism.

That defines the term Public Service Tourism, a new word that I invented. It scampered my consciousness when I worked on my thesis about the experiences of government employees in using the English language in the workplace.

Public Service Tourism is a neologism that I created, developed, and introduced. It is generally defined as an act or concept of visiting or travelling to a local government unit to observe and benchmark systems and processes, including how higher English language proficiency improves the employees’ and agency’s performances in delivering public service.

The other LGUs promptly benchmark to the LGU when they recognize its leadership and competence. The model LGU somehow needs to endorse its good practices where most, if not all LGUs, can perceive their values and relevance to their respective localities.

Usually, a neologism or a new term spreads like weeds. As it seemingly can travel at random, the invisible forces govern it. And it appears to be hopeless to determine where it started or how it caught on.

 Then, Cadiz City originated public service tourism./*

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