Dinagsa is not about obscenity


The Dinagsa Festival 2020 is tainted by lecherous issues surrounding perverts who thought their actions were simply merry-making, not knowing that the festival essentially honors the Patron Saint, Sto. Niño de Cadiz.

On January 25, the highlight of the week-long activity, several individuals displayed some offensive acts during the “Lamhitanay” segment. Some were performing lewd dances exhibiting their private parts, while the many others carried the placards bearing indecent language.

Deliberately, these individuals staged an act that strongly dishonored and defeated the very purpose of the festival.

Quoted from Dinagsa history:

“The Dinagsa is a showcase of the richness and diversity of our Christian and native traditions. It is a colorful festival that is both a statement and a symbol of the people’s faith in the Almighty and the enduring legacy of peace and reconciliation of our predecessors. It brings us back in history, offering us a glimpse of our uniqueness as a people in expressing our gratitude and prayer to the Divine Being for a bountiful harvest and other blessings.”

The history also added that:

“Our ancestors have been using colorful dances, whether singly or with others, as primordial expression of prayers and thanksgiving. Dancing has always been an element in our religious expressions because it involves the body and spirit of the person. And it is not a wonder that dancing has endured as a religious act through the years, even until the present. It is best seen in the tribal dances in our time-honored festival”.

Weeks later, the culprits were apprehended and brought before Mayor Salvador G. Escalante Jr. Then a public apology was issued by the two and were consequently fined of P3,000 each. Other wrongdoers were also called on before the Mayor and suffered the same degree of penalty.

The incident was a crime that could have been prevented. Consider what happened as a hiccup and can be remedied.

This awful experience for those present and those who witnessed the lewd acts through social media transpired because the merry-making impact of “Lamhitanay” must have inspired them to demonstrate such lascivious acts.

“Lamhitanay” is a very popular segment that tremendously draws thousands of both local and international tourists, where they enjoy smudging themselves with colorful paints, and dancing to the tribal music. This usually occurs during the Dinagsa street dance parade.

With the influx of people, transforming the small city into a big arena of various individuals, of different beliefs and values, high tendency to violations and other obscenities develops out of this enormity.

According to authorities, the huge crowds were estimated about more than 500,000 people, with a zero crime rate. Significantly, the number boosted the city’s economic platforms, including an increase in the government’s and other private entrepreneurs’ revenues.

The main reason why we celebrate Dinagsa Festival is because it is less or more religiously centered and thus we come to honor our religion. It also gives a sense of enjoyment, relaxation and offers the time needed to bond with family members whom we really never see.

Obscenity is out of the line. And any desecration on the feast is something that will harshly be condemned./*